Markus Copeland


What Brought You Here?

Some people are seeking a healthier life, are you?

Most people don’t take action because it’s scary, right?

You don’t want to join one of those big gyms and try to figure out the machines, the rules and the system – but unless you pay top dollar for an overpriced personal trainer – you’re on your own.

We don’t blame you for being afraid. We’ve been there. We know most people need help learning the right formula that will work for them, and then making it a life-changer.

Self D.R.E.A.M.S. is here for you!

We are a small, private fitness studio ready to show you exactly how to become healthier, gain self-respect for your body, build self-esteem, become self-assured, learn how to self-build, and how to let go of everything that is unnecessary during your journey.

Hit the Contact Me button above.

Don’t be afraid. The rest of your life is waiting for you!

Live Classes

Live Classes will be starting Soon onsite. Look for days and times soon. CLasses will be a $20 Charge for Every 5 classes you Attend.

Online Personal Training

Training Rates

My Training Rates are below!

In Person Personal Training

Self Dreams Shop

You’ll be able to buy shirts, workout equipment and more at our online shop coming soon! Please contact us for some of your ideas of what you would like to see!

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